West Side Derby Dollz has a talented number of officials both as skater-officials and dedicated officials.
West Side is proud to contribute to events both locally and when a travel team visits other locations.

Any sport struggles for officials and volunteers to run events. Roller derby is certainly no exception. West Side train non-skating officials to monitor the time and flow of a game (Jam Timer), Scores and points accrued (Score Keeper, Scoreboard Operator), Penalties and time served (Penalty Box Timer, Penalty Box Manager, Penalty and Lineup trackers).

Non-skating officials work with skating officials or referees to facilitate smooth, safe and fair gameplay. Skating officials primarily focus on the gameplay and ensure conduct on the track is within the rules agreed prior to any event.

Unlike other sports however, any hitting of officials, verbal insults or general misconduct is treated seriously and can have skaters expelled from gameplay. This helps to encourage a positive atmosphere and try to recruit more officials who are generally not paid for their services.

Recruiting officials

West Side Derby Dollz trains officials at the same times and places as bouting skaters. Scrimmages (practice games) are held regularly with close approximation to gameplay structure but with a relaxed atmosphere to allow for penalty explanation and development of both skaters and officials.

If you are interested in officiating with us, or are already an official and are looking for additional training, please contact us.